AQC provides a variety of indoor air quality services ranging from mold assessments to asbestos and lead paint sampling, odor evaluation, methamphetamine assessments as well as building diagnostics.

Mold Assessments

Our consulting services are designed to determine the extent of the mold damage and contamination, identify the moisture source(s) resulting in the mold damage. We also provide the Client with a detailed mold and moisture summary report and detailed mold remediation plan. Assessment services also include post mold remediation assessment, sampling, and report.

Mold consulting services are critical in identifying the sources of the problem, determine the exact remediation necessary, and provide documentation that the mold has been sufficiently remediated.


Mold in attics takes a different approach. AQC determines the moisture sources and formulates options regarding remediation, which are very site specific. A majority of the time, mold in an attic is from improper venting (typically incoming venting), but there are many other potential contributing factors.

AQC will determine why the mold is there, if there is exposure to inside the house and help determine the best solution for solving the moisture problem and dealing with the damage.


Asbestos, Particulate, Dust, Lead, Radon. AQC provides testing services for unknown substances, dust and particulate analysis, sampling for asbestos, lead paint, radon and other potential environmental hazards. Services can be conducted for compliance or simply to determine if a hazard exists and how to mitigate it.


Much like mold growth in attics, mold in crawl spaces takes an educated approach. Why is the mold there? Has it affected the first floor? Is it airborne? Should the crawl space be vented to the outside or should it be closed up and conditioned?

AQC can evaluate the source of the moisture and provide recommendations on eliminating the moisture source as well as provide mold remediation recommendations.


Houses, apartments, motels, vehicles, and even office buildings can be victim to someone cooking methamphetamine. Cooking “meth” can signficantly contaminate a structure and cause occupants to get very sick. AQC’s role is to evaluate the extent of meth contamination, provide remediation recommendations that are consistent with industry recognized recommendations, and provide post remediation sampling and reporting to confirm the meth contamination has been sufficiently remediated.


AQC can evaluate odors, sample for gasses, and assist with identifying indoor contaminants. AQC’s assessments can evaluate if there is potential exposure, identify contributing sources and provide recommendations.

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